Sailbrand Fresh Fish & Seafood

Sailbrand started life way back in 1980, sourcing fresh fish from the East Coast of the UK and delivering door to door around West Yorkshire.  35 years experience in fresh foodservice distribution.  A diverse list of superb products and competitive pricing.  Insulated packaging keeping products chilled for up to 48 hours.

Thanks to the wit and charm of their original delivery driver, the company soon started to flourish. They now deliver daily to hundreds of restaurants throughout the North of England, and their product range has grown to include fresh poultry, continental meats, cheeses, deli products as well as the freshest fish and seafood around.

They work throughout the night picking, preparing and packing orders to exacting standards, and their customer support team are available to advise on all produce.



Here at Butcher and Catch we really value good quality fish and seafood, prepared with care and delivered fresh for our discerning guests.  We share a great belief in using sustainable, fresh fish prepared in the simplest of ways to allow the amazing flavours of the fish and seafood to shine through.  Sailbrand help us to deliver on that promise with every delivery.



All of our fish and seafood is traceable back to the time and place it was caught. Our skippers catch are caught by small independent fishermen that sail out in day boats from ports right round the British coast early every morning, and return in the afternoon with their catch.

By supporting our British fishing industry, we help to keep local fishing communities alive and of course everything is caught in the most sustainable way.



Our fish and seafood mission at Butcher and Catch is very simple.  Use the wonderful fishing resources that the British Isles has to offer, to bring a unique taste of the landings from around our shores.

The array of amazing fish landed around our shores is truly fascinating, and we try to utilise as much as possible.  Mussels from Cornwall or Anglesey, Lobsters and Crab from Grimsby.  Dover sole, Plaice, Turbot and Lemon soles from the South coast.  Cod, Haddock, Hake, Whiting and Monkfish from the North Sea.  Oysters from Holy Island or Colchester, Langoustine & Sea Trout from Scotland.  The list is endless.

Skate Wings & Chorizo


1 x Skate/Ray Wing
100g Chorizo Sausage
50ml Pomice/Olive Oil
20g Chopped Olives & chives

For garnish:
Straw Potatoes
Rocket Salad


1. Start by grilling the skate wing drizzled with oil and seasoned with pepper & salt. (10 minutes)
2. Gently cook the chorizo on medium heat for 5 minutes in a little oil.  Add the remaining oil, olives and chives and cook for a  further 5 minutes.
3. Serve the Skate covered with the chorizo flavoured oil.  Top with straw potatoes, rocket salad & charred lemon.