Frazer’s Coffee Roasters

Over the last few years, speciality coffee has gone from being merely a hipster commodity, to creating a huge market for those seeking quality and a personal feel in their daily brews. Responding to that need within the Sheffield area is Frazer Habershon, a man with his heart set on providing artisan coffee without the snobbery surrounding it.

As we enter the industrial unit Frazer has turned into a micro coffee roastery, it becomes obvious that Frazer’s Coffee Roasters is a successful, yet a one man show – a true passion turned to business. With the rhythmic clattering of his drum roaster in the background, he tells us the unexpected life events that led him to here.

“I’m a trained gas engineer and a plumber, but I never had a real passion for it,” he admits. “I loved tinkering with my hands, but doing the exact same thing every day, one house after the other – that wasn’t for me.”



Coffee came to Frazer in a time of need – with added health benefits. “I was badly run over when riding a bike, which damaged my health significantly,” he says. Left with a rare form of migraines, he needed a job that would suit his medical needs. “A coffee shop job seemed ideal, and soon I absolutely fell in love with it. I may not be cured, but this helps more than the strongest drugs,” Frazer laughs.

Starting out as a barista at Caffè Latte and Tamper, he was already DIY roasting on the side – first with a popcorn popper, then using an old barbeque in his garden shed. “It was just a hobby, up until June 2014 when a coffee shop in Meadowhall became my first buyer,” explains Frazer.



These days, Frazer is supplying a fair amount of local cafes and restaurants including ours with batches roasted in a more professional, yet still handmade machine. However, as he explains later, the popularity of his roasts has only made him more humble – if that’s even possible.

“Coffee attracts assholes sometimes, and that’s not who I’m trying to be at all. My intention was and is that you don’t need to have a moustache to enjoy coffee,” he says jokily, but it’s all too true. “There’s snobbery around everything – coffee, wine, gin. It makes the less informed feel intimidated, less eager to try new things.”



The mission is therefore to reduce the off-putting exclusiveness that speciality coffee can often imply, and become more transparent. Frazer’s roastery is always welcoming to walk-ins, restaurant owners and employees, who’d like to be well-trained and more knowledgeable about coffee. “You don’t need to be a snob to eat oysters, and the same goes for flat whites,” Frazer laughs.

Supplying a group of loyal buyers, you would think Frazer was planning further expansion – he however prefers to keep things local. “I supply Sheffield businesses, and it will stay that way,” he explains.

The idea of being an approachable wholesaler, distributing himself for people to try locally produced goods is of highest value to Frazer – and with that we can wholeheartedly agree. An independent café or a retail bean shop is naturally on the books, but whatever he does in the future, you can be sure it will be with the locals in mind.



25ml freshly brewed Frazer’s Full Monty Espresso
25ml Masons Vodka
25ml Kahlua
10ml Crème de menthe

For garnish:
3 coffee beans
1 Matchmakers mint chocolate stick


1. Pour the espresso shot, vodka and liqueurs into a cocktail shaker, top with a handful of ice and shake until the outside of the shaker feels cold.
2. Strain into a previously chilled martini glass.
3. Garnish with coffee beans and a mint chocolate Matchmakers stick.